Peter Lamberti – CEO and Director of Photography

Founding member and CEO of Aquavision TV Productions, Peter started the company 18 years ago, leading his team with skill and enthusiasm in their endless pursuit of new stories, ideas, business opportunities and partnerships. Peter’s vision and creative drive is the foundation on which Aquavision’s success rests.

Dave Keet - General Manager

The advent of South African television saw Dave begin his career at the SABC, which has blossomed into a 25-year long involvement in the high-end Post Production industry. Having managed several leading post-production houses across markets, David plays a central role in the everyday management of Aquavision – securing its place at the forefront of wildlife television production.

Craig Gardner - Scriptwriter, Director & Producer

Craig began his career in Los Angeles as an actor/singer. A South African immigrant, he has written and/or directed over 600 television episodes. Craig co-created the multi-award winning sitcoms, “Suburban Bliss” and “Joburg Blues”, as well contributing to “Madam and Eve”, “Scandal” and a number of others. Craig is a partner with Aquavision CEO Peter Lamberti in Lion Mountain Films. He is fairly new to wildlife writing and producing, but it has quickly become a passion. His son, Brett, is a senior veterinarian at the Johannesburg Zoo.

Maria Valente - CFO

With over 30 years of experience in finance, Maria is responsible for Aquavision’s finance and administration activities. Maria manages all the financial aspects of the company, including payroll administration. Prior to joining Aquavision Maria was employed by Aster International in South Africa.

Christo Ras - Librarian - Library Manager

Christo’s career in the Library & Information field dates back to 1995. For 7 years he was Senior Reference Librarian at South Africa’s sixth-largest public library, before joining Aquavision in 2008 as the Library Services Manager. Christo’s experience of more than 18 years is invaluable in his performing the responsibilities that his position requires. He is responsible for the daily running of the library, as well as the management of its staff

Sean O'Neill
 - Head of Production Management

With his origins as a “runner” in a top South African production house, Sean worked his way up the ranks and discovered a passion for production and camera work. Concentrating now on the key areas of production, he has collaborated with M-Net and the SABC on various projects. Some highlights include: working on magazine shows, 4x Miss South Africa Pageants, a live broadcast from Germany to the globe, a weekly live game show, various annual corporate award shows, various corporate videos, various bilingual music shows and various celebrity based award shows.

He has produced and directed 6 South African music videos, one of which was nominated for a South African Music Award in 2006. Sean has also worked extensively throughout Africa, showcasing widespread political situations. Now entering a new chapter in his career, Sean holds his ‘dream position’ at Aquavision, combining his passion for wildlife and Africa among like-minded peers.

Martin Ferreira - 
Head of Production

Martin has been an integral part of every production, both technically and creatively, since joining Aquavision in early 2008. He has assisted in the workflow design and implementation of our Stereoscopic 3D department.

As head of Post Production he was responsible for all timely deliveries and the high technical standards we are known for. Martin now leads all aspects of Production, both creatively and technically, as Head of Production.